The Gift Of Recovery


Hello Everyone,

My name is Isaac Wierman and I’m the Resident Program Director at Great Lakes Sober Living. Our mission is to offer safe, supportive, and sober environments for people to truly live in recovery. I enjoy working at Great Lakes Sober Living because it gives me the opportunity to help others in recovery and see them grow into the person they were meant to be. It is truly amazing to see someone come from the hopeless state of active addiction and transform into a happy, hopeful person in recovery who is able to live out any dreams they may have thought they lost along the way. I’m also a person in long term recovery who hasn’t had any alcohol or drugs since 02/03/2013. Since then my life has gotten tremendously better due to my commitment to growing spiritually and helping others along the way.  I personally don’t refer to myself as a leader, I view myself as a trusted servant of the recovery community that does my best to live out the principles of recovery that were taught to me by men and women who have been in recovery long before I was born. It is a honor to be in recovery and be able to help restore hope into others.  One of my favorite principles to follow is an attitude of gratitude. For me I do that by reminding myself everyday that recovery is a gift and not everyone receives it. I believe this is a life and death matter that must be dealt with by carrying a message that holds depth and weight so others can experience hope. I do my best to make sure if anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, that I have an open hand to welcome them into the recovery process.

Yours Truly,

Isaac Wierman


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