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Brian Annis

The Great Lakes Sober Living Story

Great Lakes Sober Living got its start in the summer of 2012 at our first Men’s house in Duluth’s beautiful East Hillside. I saw the lack of resources for individuals needing a safe, structured, and stable environment to go to after treatment or while in outpatient. A place to learn how to really live in recovery.

When I got sober, I learned first hand how important a structured sober living environment was in building the foundation for what would become long term sobriety. So, I decided to purchase a home that I would be proud to live in, developed a framework that had proven to work in my life, and joined the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes.

Our homes are centered on building healthy relationships within a cooperative living setting as well as positively engaging the in the community. We take an honest interest in those who come live with us and we want to help you succeed!

We are grateful for the thriving recovery community and for our ever expanding resources in the Twin Ports. As a community of practice, I believe we can make a big different in helping people not only get sober but learn how to live a meaningful life in recovery!

Brian Annis

Restore a healthy and
productive life.