Our Program

Great Lakes Sober Living (GLSL) is dedicated to creating a cooperative living settings that helps foster meaningful relationships in accountable and safe environments. By staying at GLSL, our residents will restore healthy, happy and productive lives. We are not just sober housing, we are Sober Living!

Patio Grill at Lakeview House

We provide...

  • A stable, structured sober living environment
  • Organized regular house meetings and activities
  • Sober mentorship / house managers
  • Focused direction and personal accountability
  • Help with life planning and goal setting
  • Guidance and mentorship with personal and spiritual growth
  • Monitored drug and alcohol testing

We expect...

  • Residents to remain substance-free
  • Active participation in a program of recovery, including 3-5 meetings per week and proactive sponsorship
  • Residents maintain a productive schedule outside of the house comprised of employment, school, treatment and/or volunteer work
  • Mandatory attendance at all house meetings
  • Compliance with all program rules and expectations such as curfew, chores, and participation with the group
  • Residents to show up willing and interested in making real change


The very core of Great Lakes Sober Living's philosophy is to give our residents the support they need to grow in their individual recovery journeys. We are very active in the recovery community here in Duluth and will help our residents engage with the resources they need to build a lasting and meaningful recovery.

Great Lakes Sober Living: fresh prespective
Duluth Ariel Lift Bridge


Living life on life’s terms outside the confines of a treatment center can be intimidating. Great Lakes Sober Living focuses on creating structure and accountability within a cooperative living setting that allow residents to become fully engaged in their communities and live sober.


Great Lakes Sober Living is grateful for, and strongly encourages participation in, our thriving local recovery community. Our residents also will engage with our local community through volunteering, ample employment opportunities, higher education, and world class outdoor activities.


Restore a healthy and
productive life.